Grey Goose and Chef Ducasse Introduce Vodka Gastronomique!

Cellar Master Francois Thibault and Chef Alain Ducasse come together to launch Grey Goose Interpreted by Ducasse in North America

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Michelin-Starred Chef Alain Ducasse and Grey Goose Cellar Master Francois Thibault launch Grey Goose Interpreted by Ducasse in New York City , Miami, Chicago, LA, and San Francisco with a series of formal dinners to introduce the product to the North American market.

About Grey Goose Interpreted by Ducasse

A toasted wheat vodka born out of a collaborative process between M. Thibault and Michelin Starred Chef Alain Ducasse, the singular recipe incorporates three different levels (light, medium and dark) of toasted soft winter wheat from Picardie, which is used in the production of Grey Goose Original. Born from Alain Ducasse passion for roasting chocolate and coffee beans – the duo have masterfully roasted the Picardie wheat at varying intensities to bring out notes in the vodka of fresh vanilla and florals (light), toasted brioche, toffee and almonds (medium), and rich dark chocolate with espresso and cooked walnuts (dark). 

Coinciding with a growing trend for invigorating, up-tempo dining occasions, Grey Goose Interpreted by Ducasse pioneers a new vodka category aptly named “Vodka Gastronomique.” The new expression celebrates the notion that vodka can be enjoyed during culinary occasions – particularly for those looking to revitalize fine dining with innovation, excitement and a beverage that can awaken the spirit rather than send it to bed. Indeed, restaurants on both sides of the Atlantic are beginning to put an increased focus on their cocktail lists alongside their wine lists, meeting a demand for those who prefer to drink cocktails, rather than wine, with their meals.