Grey Goose toasts iconic moments in film at Cannes 2018 with the Jessica Chastain ‘355’ film party

10th May 2018: This afternoon, GREY GOOSE, the world’s best tasting vodka, continued ther celebrations in Cannes by presenting the “355” cocktail party on the Grey Goose Terrace at The Majestic Hotel.

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Kicking off the afternoon in style, guests including Jessica Chastain, Jim Chapman, Simon Kinberg and Danielle Copperman were welcomed to the iconic venue at the heart of the Croisette to enjoy a Grey Goose Le Grand Fizz in the Riviera sunshine.

Jessica Chastain, star of “355” personally requested a Cannes a twist on a Grey Goose Le Grand Fizz having fallen in love with the cocktail at Toronto International Film Festival last year. Le Grand Fizz Croisette, has a light pink hue, which perfectly complimented Jessica’s WolkMorais dress.

Jessica regaled guests with tales from the set of “355”, including her experience of working as a producer with such an iconic line up of Hollywood stars, giving guests an insight into the independent spy thriller.

The afternoon didn’t stop there, with guests of “355” also seen hot-footing it from the film’s presentation straight to the Grey Goose Terrace, to raise a toast to the film Guests enjoyed a selection of delicious canapés including truffle Macarons and whilst snapping selfies.

Who: Jessica Chastain, Jim Chapman, Danielle Copperman, Simon Kinberg, Roeg Sutherland

Where: Hotel Barrière Le Majestic Cannes, 10 Boulevard de la Croisette, 06400 Cannes, France

What they drank: GREY GOOSE Le Grand Fizz Le Grand Fizz Croisette

What they ate: Salmon Blinis, Melon Soup and Truffle Macarons

Images can be downloaded via the Grey Goose International Hub:

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